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Maryland Farm and Producer Viability Program (MFPVP)

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The Maryland Farm and Producer Viability Program is designed to improve the financial viability of producers and processors or otherwise assist fledgling rural entrepreneurs through specialized business planning assistance. The aim of the program is to help early stage enterprises with operational and market risk assessment and with enhanced business plan development, after an initial basic business plan has been developed by the business owner.

Rural businesses that are selected to participate in the Viability Program can expect to be ready to improve the economic competitiveness of their agricultural or other rural enterprises and to be better prepared to receive financial assistance from commercial lenders and other providers of capital and credit.  Farmers and other rural business owners participating in this program receive specialized business consulting assistance with the goal of increasing start-up and growth rates, while reducing failure rates, thereby helping to sustain and create jobs in both rural and non-rural areas of Maryland.  The program also strives to increase the profitability of agricultural operations and other resource-based businesses which contributes to the retention of rural working lands across the State.

Recent participants of MARBIDCO's Maryland Farm and Producer Viability Program have included:
. A grape-growing cooperative in St. Mary's County which was provided a specialized market assessment and analysis and a financial feasibility plan to help start up a wine-making production and retail facility at the Port of Leonardtown (at the southern terminus of the Southern Maryland Wine Trail); and
. A dairy goat producer in Western Maryland who was given specialized business planning assistance in herd management and in goat milk processing and bottling; and
. A Rural Regional Development Council located on the Eastern Shore which was provided support to develop a feasibility assessment and business plan for a vineyard management operation (which will be run as a private enterprise).

The Maryland Farm and Producer Viability Program is offered annually, and the business projects selected may be located anywhere in the State of Maryland. A review panel made up of rural business experts will select up to four business projects to receive assistance under this program.  The help offered under this program may ultimately be provided by academic experts, State or local agency professionals, and/or private consultants, as may be appropriate.

For a copy of the application form, please [click here].  Applicants should also submit a written business plan for their project if one is available (a business plan template can be found on MARBIDCO's website). Individuals having questions about the program may call the MARBIDCO office at 410-267-6807.


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