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Frequently Asked Questions About The
Maryland Value Added Producer Matching Grant

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants must be an independent producer, agricultural producer group, farmer or ranch cooperative, or majority-controlled producer-based business venture (all defined terms under federal regulations) who apply for a USDA Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG). In addition, applicants must be making a product that is “value added”. A product that is value added has in incremental value realized by the producer as a result of: 1) change in physical state; 2) differentiated production or marketing; 3) product segregation; and 4) economic benefit realized from the production of farm- or ranch-based renewable energy.

Why is it called a “matching” grant?

Because MARBICO MVAPMG monetary awards will only be provided to those applicants that are actually successful in obtaining a USDA VAPG.

What is the amount of grant funds that I can get?

The grant amount has previously been set at up to 15% of the matching funds required under the USDA VAPG (with a maximum of $11,250 for planning grants and $25,000 for working capital grants).

When can I apply?

Both the USDA Value-Added Producer Grant Program and the MARBIDCO MVAPG Program are currently open for applications.

Do I have to do business in Maryland?

Yes, the project must be located in Maryland.

What must be included with my application?

  • A completed MARBIDCO application.
  • Copy of your complete USDA Value Added Producer Grant application.
  • Business plan for the project to receive financing (required for Working Capital applications).
  • Feasibility study (required for Working Capital applications).

What is the deadline to submit an application?

The deadline for submission of MARBIDCO applications is January 17, 2018 (or postmarked by January 16, 2018).

How will I know if I’ve been selected for a matching grant and how can I prove the availability of fund on my USDA application?

Commitment letters will be provided to qualified applicants approximately seven days in advance of the federal deadline. In addition, MARBIDCO will provide successful applicants with all required USDA forms to be included with your application.

Where can I obtain more information about applying for a USDA VAPG?

This page on the USDA’s Rural Development website contains useful information and links:

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